A current injury in Iowa involving rail carriage and a motorcycle resulted in, naturally, significant injuries to the bike owner and also the passenger. No reference is produced in the information article on the car occupants’ plight because presumably no injuries or fatalities occurred. This is not atypical of an encounter between a larger vehicle and a motorbike, that’s the reason why there are strenuous efforts to improve bike safety through headgear use and operator training.

The reality is, motorcycles are not safe. This really is mainly because it is a continuous balancing work combined with all suicidal speed’s capability. Both of these variables alone are enough to produce anyone’s hair stand on end; add the utter dearth of protection for the operator and you’ve got all of the parts of tragedy. It is no wonder as an increasing number of individuals take to the street on two wheels, that fatalities and the number or bike crashes are steadily rising.

But none of those variables will automatically end in an accident when reasonable precautions are taken by the operator when taking to the route. Wearing safety equipment provides some measure of protection and driving will reduce the possibility of injuries much more. But if individuals in vehicles that are larger neglect sharing the road with bikes to consider due care, the danger of an accident rises significantly regardless of how really cautious the motorcycle operator is. As stated on the website of attorney Ali Mokaram, in auto accidents involving a bike since the other car driver didn’t observe the motorcycle that’s triggered, the motorist can be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that occur.

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